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Bamboo Crew is proud to offer our new line of solid bamboo countertops to the Greater Austin area. Call us at 512.536.0048.  Our bamboo countertops are made from only the highest quality furniture grade bamboo plywood. This gives our countertops all the strength and stability provided by plywood, yet the workability of a solid surface.  It also allows us to offer an almost unlimited variety of edge profiles to suit your taste. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, our countertops are sure to make a beautiful and long lasting addition to any kitchen or bath.  Call or email today to set up your free in-house consultation.

How it’s made:

All of our cabinets and countertops are made from Moso Bamboo.  This particular species grows up to 60-80 feet tall at maturity with a base diameter of 7-8 inches.  The mature stalks are harvested leaving the remaining plant intact to continue growing.  The harvested stalks are split into small 1/4 inch to one inch wide strips.  These strips are then kiln dried, machined into perfect rectangles, and then are stacked and laminated with an E1 Level adhesive (low formaldehyde less than 1.5 mg/l emissive) under compression into the furniture grade plywood we use for our countertops.  Unlike conventional plywood which has a paper thin layer of nice wood on the outsides and lesser wood on the inner layers, each and every layer of the plywood we use is made from bamboo.  This essentially gives us the strength and stability of plywood with the workability of solid wood.  The end grain is not a detriment as with conventional plywood, but instead adds a decorative element to all of our countertop edges.  It also allows us the ability to incorporate many special features such as undermount sinks, custom inlays, and an unlimited number of looks with our edge profiling.
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Colors and patterns:

Our countertops come in a variety of colors and patterns.  The brown colors you see in our samples are actually created during the plywood process.  All of the (caramelized or carbonized) colors were made by baking the strips of bamboo until the natural sugars inside burnt giving the countertops and cabinets their distinctive brown colors.  Unlike conventional stain whose coloring is topical, the bamboo color is throughout the board.  This gives our countertops the unique ability to be refinished without any change in coloration multiple times as needed. 

In addition to multiple colors, the orientation of the strips on the outside of the boards offers different patterns to the bamboo.  The plywood comes in horizontal (meaning the outer strips are laying down on the one inch side.  This gives the truest bamboo look accentuating the wide knuckles of the bamboo.  Laying the strips vertically on the outside layer shows the thinner 1/4 inch side of the strips and much smaller knuckles.   Finally there is also stranded or fossilized bamboo.  Instead of the uniform strips used by the others this look is formed by bamboo shavings that have been compressed and laminated together.  Each of these looks is available in carbonized, natural, or mixture of both.
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Edge patterns:

Both our lower price level, three quarter inch countertops and our upper price level, inch and one half slabs can be profiled to any edge of your choosing. Because of the solid nature of the plywood we use any router edge can be easily accomplished. 
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Undermount sinks:

Due to the quality of the plywood we use, our countertops perform like any other solid surface countertop.  Under mounting sinks is no issue at all when combined with our Water based marine grade urethane finish option.  Since our countertops are solid wood we are also able to easily rout in custom features such as soap dishes and drain racks that would be cost prohibitive on other solid surface countertops.
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Custom Inlays:

Since our countertops machine just like any other wood, we have the distinct advantage of offering a variety of custom inlays that might otherwise be cost prohibitive in other solid surface. Examples of these inlays would as custom cutting boards, built in aluminum trivet strips on either side of stoves and cook tops, marble or granite slabs (for tempering chocolate) or even decorative strips of other woods,  metal, etc....   Let us custom match your countertops to fit your needs instead of the other way around.
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Our countertops are fabricated off site in our shop from custom templates we have made of your kitchen. Once they are completely machined, seamed, and profiled in our shop we then take them out to our spray shop and completely coat them top, bottom, and all edges with three coats of water based marine urethane.  (This is the same clear coat used to protect wood work on boats.). This essentially encapsulates the bamboo making it completely water proof, stain resistant, and virtually maintenance free.  Most spills will clean up easily with soap and warm water.  Our countertops are stain and spill resistant.  That is not to say that a spilled bottle of red wine left overnight wouldn't have some ill effect, but if cleaned up quickly our finish should be perfectly fine.  If something does manage to cause a severe stain in the finish, or after years of use are simply not looking as new, our countertops have the advantage of being one of the only countertops that can be refinished to look like new.
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